Thursday, 6 May 2010

Photos for Catalogue.

Design is the underlying matrix of life. We cannot escape it. Whilst it can bring positive change to our societies it simultaneously damages that on which we so rely- our environment. Comfortable in our transient societies, it is important to question the repercussions of what we do.

Have you ever thought about what is involved in the production of the things you use, or what happens to them afterwards?

Intrigued by the power and influence of design, my practice is fuelled by a genuine belief that the salvation of our environment starts with the assessment of design, understanding its role in shaping societal behavior. Acknowledging that all aspects of life are interconnected, I aim to awaken social conscience through promoting and facilitating lifestyle choices that are both realistic and sustainable.

Change The Way You Drink is a social venture that employs marketing and ethical promotion to publicly question the plastic water bottle whilst presenting a better alternative- the stainless steel re-fill bottle.

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