Thursday, 13 May 2010

Guerilla style.

'Art represents a social interstice. It is an intervention in a space. The question is though, who's space is it? Is it about intervening in public or private space?- what would be more effective? and what are the most effective ways to do this? Intent on leaving the audience with a thought, the project becomes less about interaction yet more about power of the single entity that influences. Allowing something to stand on its own and talk for itself. This is difficult to achieve. But possible. Words can play a large role in this, alongside strategic placing of the information.
The audience is the plastic bottle consumer. The space is where they consume. Is there a point in highlighting issues when their not even thinking about buying plastic water bottles?
\\\so many questions?- should I be asking the audience these? Here are some pilot guerilla advertising. Intervening in the consumers space. Its could be bigger and better.
This was a collaborative with Martin Jessop. A great designer to work with. Collaboration is great
Working together

In store bottles.

Now the aim is to develop this - observe the reactions? see if they work?- create a pop up stall to sell metal bottles

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