Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Now this makes me laugh...

Regarded as one the of the 'best' bottled waters- Hildon have recently been releasing aggressive campaigns against tap water. On their website they make the statement....

Hildon Natural Mineral Water has long associations with the finest
hotels, restaurants, events & venues and wherever perfection is
a priority, Hildon's is the water of choice.

A Statement from Hildon
For weeks and months we have come across the most horrific stories about bottled water on the radio or in the press. Incompetent sources criticize bottled water as immoral or bombard us with figures and emission statistics etc. However, none of them ever manage to get to the bottom of the issue or properly inform the public. To be honest, we at Hildon Ltd have had enough of this situation and have developed a campaign that provides facts and figures to put controversial issues into the correct perspective.
We welcome an open and fair discussion.
Read the full statement here

They go on to say...

The role of bottled water in the 21st century is changing fundamentally. Plastic is becoming recognized as a viable alternative to glass. The advantages in terms of safety, weight and portability are obvious, but there are environmental benefits too - up to 40 per cent less fuel is used to transport drinks in plastic bottles compared with glass bottles. Hildon's plastic bottles are constructed from P.E.T (polyethylene terephthalate), which is 100% recyclable.

What a joke!- 100% recyclable -may be its true, but they don't recycle it, if they actually did it, they could claim it, but here they are just lying! This is what is the worst about these claims claims...such little truth though.

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