Sunday, 18 April 2010

Food for thought- £500

As the summer rolls in, the days are getting hotter and the more water we need to drink. Nothing worse then dehydration- ruins your efficiency, your enthusiasm and may well ruin your whole day. So...we need to drink water. The question is though....from where do we get it?

- Do we stagger to the shops and pay £1.20 for a litre of water, imported from the mountains of france, and bottled in plastic, which not only leaches chemicals into the "fresh" french water but will also probably go on to spend at least 500 years in a landfill, leading to the pollution of our soil and your environment.?


- Do we use our taps at home to refill a bottle made of metal, designed for resilience, keeping your water fresh, practically free and avoids filling up the oceans and lands with plastic waste?

Ever thought of it?

Its mad really, when you think about it. BOttled water costs as much, if not more, than petrol. Without it humans cannot survive.

British tap water has long been classed one of the safest in the world, being 99.99% within the EU drinking standards, it is safe and economical. In fact, it costs only £1.00 to drink eight glasses of tap water a day a year compared to £500 when drinking from a bottle.. Makes you think doesn't it? £500.....what could you do with all that money?

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