Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Day 2 and onwards

Collected another 30 odd bottles today, its great. Many great kind people are helping me out. I super appreciate it. Have bought some crystals to give to anyone who gives me more then 10...spread the love and appreciation!

Had an interesting discussion with students from 3d form course this morning. I got the impression that many people felt swayed by 'Change the way your drink' but that maybe my intended results are not clear enough to satisfactorily conclude my aims. Its interesting to observe how as soon as people you realise you may be on to something, the more critical they become-totally fair enough considering a goo discussion is always needed to swing you either way.
I am aware of the multiple aims within this project, making it harder for me and all to understand its exact point, but i feel the revelation will come with progress so i guess i better just carry on.
Important current inconveniences also make it harder, particularly facilitating the re-fill process. As it stands there are not many fountains where you can re-fill your bottle....but my argument is we have taps everywhere..in every house and building- but i don't think this is good enough- i must work out a way to address this issue. - should i be addressing fountain people, yes i should...dont just talk about it- DO it!- so...talk to the person in charge in college.
Another great question is- what about the competition of new materials that are better then plastic...biopolymers for example?....is stainless steel the best material?- this must be researched- and finally, the convenience aspect....how to make the bottle collapsable- i'm certain this is possible- must find someone who can help me explore this- or do i just do it?- this is the constant annoyance of this project.....shall i do it myself or search for help? -WHAT IS MY ROLE?- at the moment everything... much more to think about.

To reassure its not a lost cause...Here's an encouragement to improve the way we treat our water .

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