Monday, 19 April 2010

Day 1- 100 bottles.

With roughly one hundred bottles slowly filling up my living room, i can say, the project is underway. Dipping in and out of the bins in Hyde PArk- it is not only strange to explore what people put in their bins, but also how the people look at you when you are bending head first in a bin, fishing out plastic water bottles! thing is though, they don't say anything..gosh no, they just stare and looked confused. I think i would quite like them to say something, give me an easy ticket to spark up yet another conversation about my dearly beloved plastic water bottle. They taking over my life....and i know its only going to get worse. Thats an idea though, maybe i should stop and talk to them.?

HAving thought about it alot, I've decided not to do the installation on thursday as i'm not prepared, and as earth day isn't publicised massively, i don't really think any one will know. Instead, i'm giving myself 2/3 more weeks (I'll decide tomorrow) in order to get sorted. Franchised, Publicised and published...get the word out, prepare any necessities. The aim is to not rush into it. Although it would have been nice to combine it with Earth day, maybe i will make my own new day....Plastic bottle awareness day......why not?-there seems to be a day for everything else.

Tomorrow a new day...tomorrow more bottles....... or maybe better....Tomorrow a new day....tomorrow less bottles.

Here an interesting read.

Maybe i will give it a go.

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