Thursday, 2 April 2009

Recycling & Sustainability.

" I am myself and what is around me, and if i dont save it, it shall not save me"
  Jose Ortega y Gassett
In an ever developing world, everyday consuming more and thinking less, the habitual routines of society persist to amaze me.  How naive and thoughtless many can be in over consuming and throwing away.  New products, new fashions and advancements in technologies, who knows where all the old things go?

An issue that i believe to be essential to sustaining human society,  the topic of Recycling & Sustainability has always interested me. Ever growing problems and repeated mistakes are something everybody should be aware and strive to change. As a conscientious  designer i believe it my responsibility to educate,inform and offer solution, leading by example in tackling the ever growing issue of our planet being taken over by our waste.
A vast subject to cover interpreted by millions, my personal interests focus on the issues and problems result of the excessive usage and consumption of plastic bottles.

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