Thursday, 2 April 2009

Preparation for final project

With a keen interest in animation and movie work, i believe it a highly effective mean of communication.  I believe that a effective shorts movie can fully engage its viewer and leave them influenced by the intended message.

With many people creating great short movies PES is my favorite and most influential artist to date. (Follow link below to view website)

Similarly on youtube many other artists have made animations about recycling plastic bottles

The short movie will consist of several different plastic bottles crawling out of dustbins in the streets, from train tracks, from rubbish dumps and other places where plastic bottles are usually disposed.  The point of this is to remind the viewer of all the places plastic bottles pile up.  After each bottle has moved out of its original position all bottles will come together in one shot and start forming one large bottle.  This large bottle will finally morph into a Sigg bottle and a voice will say; "don't use soo many, stick with just the one"-and finally; "Bottle for life". The end frame will be a mini diagram/drawing of a bottle for life and the words bottle for life.
I want this to be an effective movie that influences its viewer. It will be made in high quality giving it a professional look and the end captions will be made with a minimal deisign.

Experimenting outside with what the final video will look like i have made some prep pieces.

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