Thursday, 2 April 2009

Final project/Why, What, How, Who, Where, When?

For my final project i will be creating a stop motion clip/advertisement that will encourage and  promote the use of a bottle for life.  

Everyday millions of plastic bottles are purchased and disposed.  Although many encourage recycling, this is an expensive and complicated process. Plastics come in all shapes and sizes and all require different processing techniques in order to be recycled and given a second life. It is an arduous task that many think more efficient then it actually is. The link below takes you to a report by BBC breaking down the process of plastic recycling.

Although recycling is a conscientious and beneficial way to dispose of our plastic waste it is arguable that it is not as effective as we are lead to believe.  Despite the efforts of countless councils to encourage citizens to recycle, England remains the king of landfill sites filling 20 millions tonnes a year.

In addition, it has been stated that more than 90% of environmental impact from a disposable  plastic bottle happens before the consumer opens it.  In order to make plastic oil is needed and as this source is rapidly declining we must all look for alternatives.

So if oil running out and recycling is so in-affective what shall we do with our plastics once we used them? Well, its simple really- just don't use any, then you wont have to get rid of any.  Through eliminating the use of plastic objects, we eliminate the necessity to recycle them. This can be achieved by buying packaging free products, using a bag for life and of course, using a bottle for life.

What is a bottle for life?
A bottle for life follows the same concept as a bag for life.  Having one bottle that can be re-filled, not damaged, stay sterile and be with you for life.

Sigg is a Swiss company that makes aluminum bottles that are made to last. An innovative yet simple design that presents the perfect solution to reducing plastic waste, the Sigg bottle is superior to any plastic bottle. Made of aluminum its lining is leach-proof, made with no lead and no phthalates. This means that unlike the average PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle-(which is the plastic that most drinking bottles are made of)- no toxins or bacteria build up inside the bottle after repeated use.

What is the point?
   Within the age of the new eco-friendly warrior it is all about recycling and thinking green. With most campaigns promoting recycling it seemed to me that this was becoming ineffective. Despite everybody obsessively recycling it doesn't really seem to change anything. What i believe needs to be advertised are the objects which do not effect the environment, that can be used repeatedly without causing any consequences thus i will be making a video highlighting the benefits and of a bottle for life simply and effectively.

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