Monday, 27 April 2009

Making the video

Having crafted with bottles and given my concept some more thought i have began to make my final piece. The aim of my final piece is to teach people to use just one bottle.  Using clips of discarded bottles on the move i aim to make the audience remember and question where their last bottle was left. 

This is the initial video. I like the was it looks however will continue to experiment over the order of scenes. At the moment there is no particular order. There are two bottles coming from dustbins and two from bushes. I think that it would be better to have one from a bin, then shrubs, then bin and finally another shrub. The final scene is almost final however the focus in on the group of bottles is wobbly and needs to be perfected.

The strongest part of the film (and arguably most important) is the scene when the bottles change into the metal bottle. 

The audio will become a very important part of this advert. I am still uncertain of this;

To use one voice or many? 
To use music or silence?

These are crucial decision that must be made soon. The video cannot stay silent as it does not convey the desired message without explanation.

The link below is a great example of a similar concept. An educational and motivational short clip that successfully uses audio and visuals to reach its audience.

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