Monday, 20 April 2009

All that a bottle can become.

When thinking about what a plastic bottle is or what it may become many ideas spring to mind.  Many Artists, Designers and Architects have explored the many possible ways to give a plastic bottle another life. 

Michele Brand is one such Artist, who uses plastic bottles to create intricate chandelier, wall hangings and room dividers;

Japanese artist/fashion designer Kosuke Tsumura says;
"The durability and abundance of PET plastic bottles makes them an ideal material for clothing and armour"
He explores the various ays of converting plastic bottles into original contemporary clothing.

Tadao Ando a Japanese Architect uses the plastic bottles to create innovative walls in offices. A practical design creating the divide desired by a wall however still allowing light to fill the whole room;

The most innovative and daring exampling of plastic bottle recyling and ingenuity must however be a man from Serbia, Radovanovic who decided to build a whole house of bottles. A good idea. The bottles are solid, durable and colourful.

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